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Services: Now you can synchronize all your data to the
cloud and access it anywhere from the cloud services
provided by Tally. It also helps you upgrade and
update functionalities seamlessly.

Tally Server 9

Built for businesses that have exceeded the scope of traditional Tally ERP, it is the next step in managing your business through speed, concurrency, speed and efficiency.


Tally ERP 9 Auditors Edition

Built for chartered accountants and business
auditors, the Auditors Edition works seamlessly
with the ERP package at your client’s operations
thereby increasing efficiency.

Tally.NET Subscription

Tally is easy to use comprehensive enterprise
resource management software ideal for businesses
of all scales. It has all necessary features for
management operations and is GST ready

Cevious Technologies

Your Trusted Partner for Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP has been the source of growth behind thousands of businesses managing everything from business processes to operations. Cevious has served as an integral partner with hundreds of clients over the years to help them setup and manage their organizations more efficiently. Ranging from Tally ERP 9 to the more sophisticated Tally Server, we have helped companies and small businesses automate their business operations across verticals. Tally is built to scale seamlessly across multiple departments along with Accounting and other backend technical operations. We have helped organizations and business owners realize the full potential of the enterprise resource planning software through guided installation and effective training. Now you can also remain GST complaint through the latest Tally version. We also help you subscribe to the Tally Software Services helping you remain seamlessly in connectivity with your organization through continuous updates and data synchronization. The simplified and intuitive interface helps you focus on what matters in your organization. Our teams help you install, configure and get started with using Tally within minutes. With easy and simple configurations, we help you automate your operations in no time. Tally is ideal for all small and large businesses and thus works seamlessly with organizations of all shapes and sizes. We can help you if you want to computerize all your operations or if you’re already using Tally and want to expand to its higher and more sophisticated features. We also help you migrate your existing business operations from another ERP solution to Tally without any loss of information or data.

Types of Services

Tally ERP 9 Invoice Customization

We help you customize your business invoice depending on your requirements. You can order modified invoices for your businesses depending on your requirements. You can also get prebuilt invoices that can be delivered quickly.

Priority Tally ERP 9 Support Services

We provide instant help for any issues you might face with your Tally ERP. Ranging from data splitting and migration to configuration and troubleshooting, our teams are available instantly at your service

Tally Support Onsite & Remote

Tally Onsite and Remote Support: We at Cevious provide all necessary onsite and remote support starting from basic Tally installation and setup to troubleshooting and help along the way to enable you get familiar and comfortable with Tally.

Tally Add-Ons / Modules

Tally is extensible by design. The Tally marketplace offers hundreds of solutions to extend the default features of Tally to help you add more features ideal for the requirements of your business. The add-ons range from invoicing and voucher creation to reporting, office productivity, inventory management, alerts and numerous others. These addons along with the basic Tally ERP software turn your business operations into a powerhouse of extensibility and feature rich system. Some default features in the base Tally app may be irrelevant to many users but they can always be disabled or just ignored. The selectiveness of the addons make them implementation specific and thus help business who only need the add-ons to buy, install and implement them into their ERP installation. We at Cevious help you manage your ERP installation and help you select and install only the add-ons necessary for your businesses.

Tally Add ons


Sheet Magic: is an indispensable
business intelligence tool that works with
Microsoft Excelto and Tally to help you make effective business decisions.


Multifile Attachment: is an excellent file
management that helps you attach multiple files and documents to your financial transactions necessary for
your operations.


Smart Backup++: is an automatic backup
management for all your organization’s
data that backs up both at your local
system and remote locations periodically.


Transaction Authorization: provides
fine grained control over transactions
by allowing only authenticated persons
to authorize transactions before they
appear in the book of records.

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Cevious has been instrumental in setting up a robust Tally ERP infrastructure. They’re always available whenever we have any problems and respond promptly. We’ve continued to work with them since years and also upgraded to Tally Server with their help. We highly recommend them for all businesses.


Kudos to the guys and their team. They’ve been the best over the years. Once we had a severe problem with our installation and the guys fixed it instantly even through their remote server. We’ll continue working with them and recommend them to others too.

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