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Generate e- invoices without problems with Cevious technologies.
A complete e- invoices solution






Cevious presents you with a fast, affordable and reliable solution right on your tally display.

Electronic invoicing is the process of uploading all your B2B transactions (sales, credit notes, and debit notes made to companies, including all types of exports) in the IRP (invoice registration portal) for authentication purposes.

After authentication, IRP will issue a unique IRN (invoice reference number) for each invoice. This IRN needs to be converted into a QR code along with other invoice information and printed on the face of the invoice to be considered valid. An e-invoice, or electronic invoice, is a digital document that is exchanged between a supplier and a buyer and is validated by the government’s fiscal portal.

E- Invoice solution in Tally Prime


You can send your invoices through Tally Prime directly to IRP


Then you can simply print the QR code on your invoice. The IRN can also be optionally printed.


After they were confirmed by IRP, Tally Prime will receive IRN directly from the IRP and turn it into a QR code along with other invoice info and update your invoice.


Tally Prime will also help produce e-way bill numbers for applicable transactions and record them in your invoice by receiving direct info from IRP.

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