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Tally On Cloud


Cevious Technologies provide the best single & Multi user Tally on Cloud services with 100% safe and secure.

Tally On Cloud

Tally being a trusted name in India for last three decades, is the solution you need for your business.

Since 2000, Cevious has been a leader in offering Tally on cloud server that is highly professional service. We provide Tally on Cloud based Tally Prime Accounting Software solutions for Single User & multi User and world-class services to the customer throughout the globe. Since decades, we have achieved success in proving ourselves as the prominent data center services provider catering with top solutions for business at a budget-friendly range.

You manage your business while we take care of your IT requirements Cevious Tally on Cloud not only provides tally on cloud but also other important services Cloud VPS, Enterprisies Cloud and Dedicated Server      
Cevious Tally on Cloud will give owners and employees the freedom to access their work from anywhere and  any time,it will improve the overall productivity of the company.

With technology, we have availability of CloudApplink. It is a sturdy yet useful tool that comprises an array of upgraded features and functionalities. It also includes an integrated secure gateway for numerous cloudApplink hosts with Single Sign-on Window Web Access Client, Port Forwarding, Java, Highly confidential TS WEB with Tunneling, etc.

We offer Enterprise Proven Programs assembled to brace the varying complexity and scale of larger organizations. Small and Medium Business accept the solutions that add benefits in silver aiming enterprise platform for small company service providers for assembling a scalable business.

Tally On Cloud Features

Tally Prime on cloud

As mentioned above, Tally Prime is not a cloud application. But with Cevious Tally cloud computing, you can work with popular accounting software as long as you have an internet connection.

Tally On Mobile

You can use Tally on your smartphone through browser access. Mobile aggregation allows resellers to easily check inventory status at any time.

Tally cloud for Mac

You can’t install Tally ERP 9 directly on your Mac. You can get a Tally Cloud subscription or run your device through virtualization.

Absolute security

We know how important it is to store important customer information. So make sure each instance has its own virtual machine. This makes it impossible to access your data from anywhere else.


Secured Tally Data

Your Tally data on our servers is as secure as possible because we guarantee that your tally account can only be used by authorized customers.

Anytime access

It hosts the latest data center infrastructure and offers 99.99% updates to all customers. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can use it as needed.

Tally cloud accounting software

The use of tally cloud accounting software and data processing. It allows to use your own Tally License and access your Tally Prime from our server.

Managed Support

You don’t have to spend money on IT maintenance because the Cevious team is responsible for IT maintenance .we have  experts team can help with any problems.

Tally On Cloud Prices

Tally On Cloud Single user

Unlimited Data Transfer

Restriction Permission

Remote Printing

Accessible using Web, JAVA, Client File, RDP


Compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, Android

Tally On Cloud Multi user

Unlimited Data Transfer

Restriction Permission

Remote Printing

Accessible using Web, JAVA, Client File, RDP

1 Dedicated IP Address

Option of 2FA / OTP at Login

No Client Side Installation / Setting Required

Compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS, Android


Legal Solutions


High Performance


Highly Reliable


Most Economical

Secured Tally

Secured Tally


Auto Data Backup Scheduler in Tally Prime

Backup on Scheduler


Backup on Daily/Monthly/Weekly

Backup on Schedule Time


Backup on Company Close/Lode Time


Backup on Application End/Start Time


Backup on Any Folder

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