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Tally Customization

Tally Customization

Tally customization is the tailored modification of the Tally accounting software to align with the unique needs of a business.

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Tally Customization

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Tally Customization

Tally customization is a smart solution to meet modern market demands. Incorporating customizations into Tally is a smart approach to address the evolving market needs. By augmenting default features, businesses can cater to a broader audience, effectively meeting modern demands and staying competitive.

Why Customize Tally?

Stay ahead as a business professional by exploring the benefits of Tally customization. Cevious offers top-notch Tally Customization Services, empowering you to leverage the latest software and tools while enjoying the advantages of tailored solutions. Stay informed and maximize your business potential with our expertise.

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Customization offered on Tally Prime

tally prime invoice

Tally Prime Invoice Customization

Customize your invoices to match your company needs or easily utilize pre-printed stationary. We provide ready-to-use business-specific invoice formats that can be delivered quickly. Streamline your invoicing process with tailored solutions.


Tally Prime Voucher Formats Customizations

Track shipments and supplies effectively with vouchers, offering the benefits of a formal paper invoice while embracing the advantages of paperless invoicing. Simplify your invoicing process while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

tally prime filed

Tally Prime More Fields in Masters & Transactions

Effortlessly create and manage data fields in masters and transactions, enabling input of various data types such as strings, numerics, amounts, rates, dates, and more. Print these fields in documents and reports for comprehensive data representation and analysis. 

tally ready report

Ready Tally Prime Report Customization

Unlock customized reports tailored to your operational, middle, and higher management needs. Our Tally customization services enable the creation of simple and detailed reports, summarized reports, matrix reports, and more. Empower your decision-making with comprehensive and personalized reporting solutions.

tally prime security

Tally Prime Security Control at Field Level

Achieve data control and security with customizable field and form acceptance criteria. Ensure data accuracy by controlling inputs before saving. Set permissions for data entry, alteration, and viewing to restrict access as needed. Enjoy complete security and peace of mind with our comprehensive security measures.

tallly prime

Tally Prime Developing New functionalities

Expand your product functionalities with ease by developing additional features such as export documentation, material requirement planning, import management, landed costing, LC management, and more. Enhance your product capabilities and meet specific business requirements effectively.

Tally billing

Tally billing software customization

Simplify your billing and accounting processes with our user-friendly and flexible software. Customize entry forms and reports to align with your specific requirements. Seamlessly manage your stock and effortlessly handle bill payments through our reliable payment processing system. Experience efficient and tailored financial management.

talltprime customized

Customize your tally business software

Tailor your Tally business software to your organization’s specific requirements with Cevious Technologies. Our expert team of TDL developers will customize your Tally software, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your needs. Experience a personalized Tally solution for enhanced efficiency.

How Can One Achieve Tally Customization?

Tally.ERP 9 comes equipped with essential tools like an interpreter, execution set, and TDL (Tally Definition Language). TDL plays a vital role in modifying or enhancing the default settings of Tally. A notable feature of tally customization is the ability to seamlessly import and export data in popular formats like CSV, XML, and more. It ensures compatibility with necessary formats, offering convenience and flexibility.

Why is There a Preference for Cevious Technologies?

With extensive experience in tally customization, Cevious Technologies caters to diverse industries including manufacturing, government institutions, drugs and chemicals, engineering, and more. Serving locations across India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and international locations like Dubai, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates. We mitigate the risks and complexities associated with tally customization, delivering effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Avail our Tally Customization services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and nationwide.

Ever Wondered Why People Prefer Cevious Technologies?

Cevious Technologies acts as a reliable support system, offering valuable advice and suggesting optimal alternatives to enhance your tally experience. With a wide-ranging audience to serve, having a constant friend like us by your side ensures access to expert guidance. Trust Cevious Technologies as your preferred partner for unparalleled support and advisory services.

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