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TallyPrime 3.0

Unlock Business Success with the Power of Tally Prime 3.0’s Cutting-Edge Features and Updates

Tally Prime 3.0 is the latest version of TallyPrime, ideal for managing small to medium-sized business needs. It handles accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, and payroll, ensuring smooth operations. The updated version brings a user-friendly interface, enhanced security, remote access, and advanced reporting, benefiting Tally users. Discover the latest features in TallyPrime 3.0 for a seamless business experience.


GSTR Reconciliation

TallyPrime simplifies reconciliation by integrating with GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A/GSTR-2B. Effortlessly reconcile books, flagging unreconciled entries and reasons. Experience convenient, efficient reconciliation and focus on core business with TallyPrime. Say goodbye to manual headaches, embrace streamlined reconciliation.

Multiple GSTIN

TallyPrime 3.0 simplifies managing transactions and returns across multiple GSTINs in the same company. Effortlessly handle and consolidate data with ease. Streamline processes, ensure seamless management, and simplify GST compliance. Experience the efficiency of TallyPrime 3.0 for a smoother, consolidated approach.

Powerful Report Filters

Discover the new “Filter in Reports” feature in TallyPrime—simplifying data filtering for enhanced analysis. Effortlessly apply filters with one click, obtain precise results, and unlock the full potential of data analysis. Streamline your reporting process and extract valuable insights with ease.

Instant GST Returns

Experience lightning-fast GST return generation with TallyPrime 3.0. Say goodbye to waiting times and enjoy seamless and efficient reporting. Empower your GST compliance journey with swift, hassle-free processes.

Integration with Payment gateways

Introducing the new release with enhanced integration capabilities. Now, seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways including Razor pay, Paytm, and PayU. Generate and share payment links effortlessly via SMS and emails. Simplify your payment collection process and offer convenient options to your customers. Embrace the power of integration and elevate your payment experience with TallyPrime.

Voucher Numbering & Voucher Series Capabilities

Experience the enhanced automatic voucher numbering system in TallyPrime. Now, enjoy the convenience of an auto-retain numbering system during voucher insertion or deletion. But that’s not all! With TallyPrime, you can create multiple voucher numbering series for the same voucher type, ensuring unique and organized numbering. Simplify your voucher management and maintain accurate records with ease. Upgrade to TallyPrime and unlock the power of flexible and efficient voucher numbering.