TallyPrime: Scalability, Reliability on AWS.

TallyPrime Scalability and Reliability on AWS

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TallyPrime on AWS is a powerful tool that transforms the way businesses operate. It empowers over 7,000 companies with more than 22,000 virtual machines.

TallyPrime is installed on each virtual computer, allowing it to be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Virtual computers and virtual offices

TallyPrime for AWS provides each customer with a virtual office that is personalized and includes dedicated AWS infrastructure. Customers can add Virtual Computers to this virtual office in order to replicate the familiar LAN environment used by physical offices.

Customers can useTallyPrime Scalability and Reliability on AWS TallyPrime as soon as their business opens. They can also shut down their virtual offices manually or automatically when the business closes. This will ensure that the customer’s billing resources are protected.

Multi-tenancy cloud model: How to navigate it

Cloud providers such as AWS must ensure that no single entity can abuse resources in the multi-tenancy cloud model.

AWS counters this by throttling. This is a double-edged blade that ensures an equitable distribution of
cloud resources, while also limiting resources to tenants with a real business use-case, such as TallyPrime.

Reliability on a scale

It is essential that all requests to start or shut down virtual offices by users are handled reliably, consistently and on time.

These are all formidable challenges, but the landscape changes dramatically when you operate at a large scale. TallyPrime is faced with the challenge of managing large farms of infrastructure resources every day, during peak hours. This includes customers starting and shutting down virtual offices.

Virtual buildings: Unleash the power of infinite scale

Virtual buildings are used to house the virtual offices within TallyPrime for AWS. Each virtual building represents an AWS account that hosts customer PODs. AWS accounts have various limitations. One of these is the amount of resources they can provide.

TallyPrime on AWS uses the concept of horizontal scalability to overcome these limitations and create an unlimited number virtual offices. This is done by creating a virtual building for each 1,000 customers.

Asynchronous messaging

TallyPrime on AWS is a distributed system that uses asynchronous messages to execute operations on virtual office reliably, even at large scales.

Operation Pipeline: Any operation performed on a virtual desktop or virtual office, whether initiated by a system or a user, is processed through multiple SQS message queues and AWS Lambda Functions.

Communication at scale

Each lambda represents an independent, irreversible, retrievable and atomic logic piece that is part of the service to the user. In order to serve the entire user request, the lambdas work together using asynchronous message queues instead of API calls.

Messages are queued up in the SQS Queue for each lambda. Once a message has been successfully processed by a Lambda, it is moved to the next inbox queue in the pipeline. In the event that the message is not successfully processed due to factors such as the throttling implemented by the cloud provider the message will be returned to the queue to be re-tried using an exponential backoff to ensure robustness.

Coordination at scale

A huge number of messages are sent through the pipeline when thousands of virtual computers start or stop at peak times. It is crucial that the lambdas communicate and coordinate effectively to ensure reliability on a massive scale.
TallyPrime on AWS uses DynamoDB conditional expressions, which are based on the well-known compare and swap instruction (CMPXCHG), that has been in microprocessors ever since Intel 468. This allows it to update the status of every virtual computer in the pipeline atomically.

This was only a small glimpse of TallyPrime designed for Scalability and Reliability. TallyPrime on AWS is not only a solution that meets the challenges, but also pioneers innovative solutions. It sets new benchmarks in cloud-based solutions for business in India.

TallyPrime is a perfect example of how technology and innovation can work together to help businesses grow.

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