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Tally Data Security

Tally Data Security

Enhance Tally Data Security with the Advanced Security Module

Step into the realm of heightened data protection with Tally’s Advanced Security Module. This module is a prized possession for multi-user Tally setups, offering a vital solution for managing specific voucher types’ creation and modifications.



Consider this scenario: Imagine “X,” a member of the sales team, able to exclusively create Sales Orders. Once these orders are in place, no further modifications can be made. In contrast, “Y,” the sales head, retains the authority to modify existing orders, but the creation of fresh orders remains out of their scope.

This ingenious module provides you with the tools to precisely control user access and editing permissions, aligning seamlessly with their designated roles. The outcome? A landscape illuminated with transparency, ensuring unwavering accountability for Tally data entries.

Key Features Simplified

Tailored Control

Personalize user boundaries by restricting them to particular voucher types – a powerful way to maintain accuracy.

Data Gatekeeper

 Upon activation, Tally becomes an access-controlled environment, permitting only authorized users to create and modify.

Insights at a Glance

Comprehensive reports shed light on user activities, offering a clear overview of all interactions.

Effortless Authorization

Granting access is a breeze. Simply allocate rights while creating new voucher sub-types.

Uplift Your Tally Security:
The Advanced Security Module elevates your Tally experience, fostering an environment of control, transparency, and impeccable data handling. Transform your Tally journey today!