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Step-by-Step Process for e-Invoicing Registration: How to Get Started.

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E-Invoice (also called electronic invoicing’) is a system that allows the majority of B2B invoices are uploaded electronically and then validated by the specific portal. IRP generates a unique

Invoice Reference Number

(IRN) on each bill that is authenticated successfully.

Every invoice is signed digitally and comes with the QR code, as well as the IRN. As per GST it is referred to as electronic invoicing.

Note: First-time GSTIN users can sign up by clicking “Portal Login” under “Registration at the top of the menu. The user will be directed to an e-invoice registration form. ‘.>

Step-2: e-invoice enablement

The user needs to enter their GSTIN as well as the captcha shown and then click ‘Go’ make the submission. After submitting the form users will then be redirected to an e-invoice application form.

Step 3: Fill in your information for registration on form Step 3: Enter data on the registration form

Based on the entered GSTIN The information for the applicant will be displayed on the e-invoice registration form: the name of the applicant, their trade name phone number, email address, mobile number as it appears on the GST website as well as other details. The user is able to confirm the details by selecting “Send OTP”, followed by verifying the registration form.

Following successful OTP confirmation After the successful OTP verification, the user can create an username and password on the portal for use for the future. If you do not remember the credentials, simply type in the GSTIN number along with the mobile number that you registered under forgot password/id and you’re good to go.

Who is required to sign up to receive electronic invoicing?

Since the beginning of electronic invoices, the Government of India has been rolling out the regulations in a gradual manner. Here is the timetable of the mandatory introduction of electronic invoice and the latest update in August 2023.

Note: Effective 1. August 20, 2023, registered companies (based upon PAN) that have an annual turnover during any previous fiscal year starting after 2017-18 that is greater than 5 crores must produce electronic invoices.

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