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Tally Prime is the newest product from the Tally solution that replaces Tally ERP9. It is designed to help businesses manage their accounting, finance, inventory, sales, purchasing, and payroll processes. TallyPrime offers a range of features including invoicing, bank reconciliation, financial statements, budgeting, and multi-currency support, among others. It is the ultra- modern version of Tally that is specially designed, for commercial enterprise owners who empower them to access insights that can be followed up and business reports from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

tally prime server

Tallyprime Server

Tally Prime Server is the server component of TallyPrime software that allows multiple users to access and work on the same data file simultaneously from different locations. It enables businesses to manage their operations efficiently by centralizing data and providing secure access to authorized users. Tally Prime Server offers features such as data synchronization, remote access, user and role management, and data backup and restore, among others. It is designed for businesses that require a scalable and reliable solution to manage their accounting, finance, and other business processes.

FMS Books

FMSBooks is a cloud-based application that helps organizations manage and control their E-Office data. It offers integrated analytical reporting to help organizations make informed decisions, respond to changes, and generate relevant information for executives, vendors, and customers. FMSBooks has a strong focus on E-Governance and Fund Management System projects for NRHM, NLHM, WHO, E-Mandi & NGO.
The eAnalytics (Tally BI) package is the first business analytics platform for converting raw data into information that your staff can view, share, and use to collaborate on smarter decisions that will boost your company's performance overall. The No. 1 Business Intelligence Solution for Tally Prime, eAnalytics, offers Tally ready-to-use solutions. This solution, which is entirely web-based and compatible with Windows, mobile devices, iOS, and Android apps, comes complete with dashboards, KPIs, and ad-hoc analytical reports for monitoring key business metrics. Without the aid of consultants or programmers, we are ready to develop any analytical report, dashboard, and KPI as per your company’s needs.
eFusion's cloud and data warehousing platform allows for easy access to Tally Prime data and seamless integration with other applications. The platform is flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of any enterprise. With eFusion, Tally Prime data can be optimized and converted to RDBMS through an incremental process that tracks modified and deleted transactions. eFusion's server can schedule and transfer data in real-time, providing all the necessary functions for RDBMS queries. Overall, eFusion provides a powerful and efficient solution for managing Tally Prime data.
Cloud app link
Cloud Applink
CloudApplink is a platform that allows Tally to be run on multiple platforms, including private/dedicated TallyCloud. It enables web-enabling of Tally applications using Java or HTML5 connection client, allowing mobile users to access the application from any device. Legacy applications can also be run on web browsers without the need for device- specific rewrites.