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When it comes to discussing ERP software, the best that comes to our mind is Tally. Tally service providers include Tally, which is offering a very new Tally.ERP 9 to small and medium businesses. This was introduced to facilitate them to manage their enterprises efficiently and allow them to yield sound outputs. It has been three decades since Tally.ERP9 is in use. This is used primarily by business owners across India. They use it to manage their everyday business operations effectively. GST tally software is of great use. Also, proper management helps business owners to generate a well-formatted and detailed report. This is for making important decisions.

Tally GST Software

Talking about the features

Tally.ERP9 is mainly a package of features which are of a robust nature. These are the features which turn any complicated software into an easily usable one. Also, the task of implementing these software becomes very flexible. There are many business features that are searched for by any business user in an ERP. Some of these are:

  • Managing account in an ERP software

By properly using Tally.ERP9, any business owner can create sales vouchers with quite an ease. Apart from that, tracking these also becomes easy. Also, it can be implemented to generate reports on a daily, monthly weekly and even yearly basis. Business owners can use this to create vouchers for purchase and all minute detail of every purchase can be viewed along with supplier wise information. Supplier details are available on a different basis. Tally’s ERP software can be implemented for the purpose of order processing and tracking of the same. Businesses are able to gather full support and functionalities in order to create vouchers, journals, and receipts. GST tally software proves to be of practical use in this case.

  • Support of banking transactions in ERP software

Cheques can be easily managed by using Tally.ERP9. One can generate cash/cheque slips very swiftly. Also, they can deposit or track them whenever they are required to do so. This system is straightforward to use. Tally.ERP9 is well suited in order to reconcile business-related transactions. This has to be done in a direct manner with bank statements. For doing this, a soft copy of the required report is to be uploaded into the software. So, within a short time, we will be able to get a list of the transactions which have been reconciled. This is done based on reference numbers. Tally.ERP9 also supports the operations which are in the form of e-payments and are made from multiple banks.

  • Management of Inventory-

Stocks are managed quite flexibly using Tally.ERP9. Unlimited stock groups can be defined, and numerous stock categories can be introduced as per requirement. Also, stocks can be arranged accordingly. Stock groups and classes can be used to generate reports which are based on the same. Through this, one can get a good overview of the entire status across different locations. Multiple godowns can be created and also, track stock can be accumulated godown-wise. This can be done based on the needs and requirements of businesses, and GST tally software can be implemented effectively in this case. For this, multiple price lists can be created in order to manage customers of different types. Stocks have to be managed by gathering them in batches and accessing the reports which contain a summary about the stocks. This information is used to view, understand and analyse positions of different stock.

  • Compliance of GST in ERP software-

Tally.ERP9 can easily be used to file returns on GST in a natural way. ERP 9 released 6.2, which is complete support for GSTR-1, GSTR-2, and GSTR-3B. Tally.ERP 9 is compliant to GST. It was introduced while keeping in mind the GST transactions to be made and the charge situations which could get reversed. Also, the advances that could take place are kept in mind while going for this. Regarding GSTR-2, many business owners have found this as amazing where the generation of form in JSON is required. Also, this is put to use in order to file the return. Purchase invoices, which are missing, can be added. All the purchases need to be turned into imports and Input Tax credit can be claimed by reversing the chargeable services.