Excel to TallyPrime Data Import.

Import data directly from Excel to TallyPrime

Excel spreadsheets are a popular tool for businesses to use to manage a variety of information, including the customer’s information, finances and inventory. Excel spreadsheets are the most popular format for sharing information about transactions in the world of business.

Although businesses may use software for the majority of their tasks but they still use Excel for certain data. For instance, if an organization receives invoice or order information via an online marketplace typically, it’s stored in Excel format.

The most important question is what are they going to do with these data in Excel? The answer is pretty straightforward. You have to manually input this information into their main business software. Imagine that you’ve got a lot of invoices on an Excel spreadsheet from your e-commerce partner. It is your responsibility to input the invoices into your accounting or business software, one at a time. This takes time and if you have a lot of data, it could be quite an issue.

With the 4.0 version, TallyPrime now offers a user-friendly Excel Import Function, which lets users transfer ledgers and transactions effortlessly. This is an important feature for companies looking to simplify their processes for data entry by reducing time and the chance of making mistakes.

A few scenarios in which TallyPrime’s Excel Import Function could be helpful:

If you have received the price list from a seller in Excel

In the event that you want to download information of your payments and receipts from the collection agent, you can save them in Excel

If your field personnel has access to data from the stock order or payment received, they will do so in Excel

If you’re changing from one business management software to a different one,

If you’re using several software applications, like accounting software or logistic software

If your field personnel is sharing data about the stock order or payment received, they will do so in Excel

and numerous more

On this page, we’ll look at how Excel Import by TallyPrime’s Function makes it easier to import data process.

TallyPrime’s Excel import feature is created to make data import effortless. It is possible to import all of your transactions and ledgers in Excel into TallyPrime using only a couple of clicks. This will save you time and effort involved in manually entering data, and reduces the chance of human error.

The flexibility you need is available to you

One of the most notable characteristics in TallyPrime’s Excel import function is its versatility. It’s so flexible, you can upload your data into Tally regardless of the way the data is structured or organized in Excel. It’s as easy as mapping Excel fields to the TallyPrime fields, and then finish the import. What’s more? You can save the templates to be used for future use.

Access to templates for sample

Do you want to import a single-tap of Excel data? We got you covered! This is how it works You can download the template for free and then input your data in the templates, and transfer it to Tally within a couple of clicks. This easy-to-use process ensures that your data is seamlessly integrated into TallyPrime which makes your transfer smooth and easy. These templates have been designed to be compatible using the feature of import.

Corrections that are aided by the system

During the process of import TallyPrime’s Excel import function generates logs that highlight any mistakes that might occur during the process of import. TallyPrime will go the extra mile by not just identifying the errors, but also assisting in correcting the errors. This feature ensures that your data import process isn’t just effective but also error-free.

System-assisted corrections don’t just reduce time but also ensure the accuracy of your data. In the event of missing information or data in the wrong format, or another issue TallyPrime’s import features provide complete error reports that make it simple for you to find and fix issues.


With the ease of importing the Excel files into TallyPrime it will cut down on time and the chance of making manual errors in data entry. The possibility of importing sample templates and the capability to modify the import process will ensure that you are able to work with information in a manner that meets your needs as a business.

Take advantage of TallyPrime’s Excel import feature and benefit from the speed and ease it provides. Say goodbye to manually entering data and welcome to a more efficient and precise accounting procedure.

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