Inventory: Barcodes in TallyPrime for Efficient Management.

How to create and use barcodes for inventory management with TallyPrime.

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TallyPrime, one of the most popular business management programs, allows you to take complete control of your inventory. You can manage, track, and reorder it, among other things. One of its most important features is barcode assignments.

TallyPrime allows you to assign barcodes quickly to your inventory. This makes tracking and inventory management a breeze. How can you use TallyPrime‚Äôs barcode feature to manage your inventory efficiently? Continue reading to learn more.

You should be aware of 5 important things before you use barcodes in TallyPrime

You should decide which barcode standards you want to use for your business. TallyPrime offers barcode scanners such as Universal Product Code, International Article Number and others.

You will need to select a barcode generator which is compatible with the scanner that you selected.

Each item in your inventory should have a barcode.

TallyPrime allows you to choose a barcode with a maximum 32 characters.

The barcode scanner must be connected to the system and installed with the correct software.

The steps involved in creating barcodes in TallyPrime

It would be best to get a TallyPrime module that is tailored to your business before you learn about the steps for creating barcodes.

To assign barcodes, you will need to open a specific item in your master file.

You will see the item’s name in the left corner when you open the item. You will see a field called “Alias” below this field. You can enter here the barcode unique to that item.

Remember to press Ctrl A after entering the code to save all the details. The code will appear automatically when you enter the item name in TallyPrime.

How to create vouchers using barcodes that you created

Press Alt+G to create a coupon on the main module’s page.

Press F8 now to see the sales page.

On the next page, you’ll find the “Name of item” field. Use the barcode scanner on the item to scan its codes. The unique barcode for that item will now appear automatically on your screen.

You only need to enter the quantity and rate of the item, and the total amount will be calculated.

After entering the GST details, you can now save your voucher.

TallyPrime’s automatic barcode creation feature allows you to create sales, purchases, and other transactions in just minutes.

Why use TallyPrime to assign barcodes for inventory?

Do you wonder how barcodes in TallyPrime can help you better manage your inventory? These points will help you to clarify any confusion that may have arisen:

Easy to use – As soon as you have the right system, which includes the software required to create and print barcodes in your inventory, you are almost done with the assignment of barcodes. The process is easy and straightforward. With a single scanning, you can record all of the inventory details into your system.

TallyPrime is a great value for money. Using it with a barcode maker would only cost you a few thousands of rupees. The value that it creates is incalculable, since it allows you to manage your entire inventory (across multiple locations) with maximum efficiency. It is impossible to describe the peace of mind that you will experience when you take professional care of your stock.

Data accuracy at all times is crucial to the success and integrity your business. TallyPrime’s barcode system ensures data accuracy because it reduces manual intervention.

You can be assured of the safety of your inventory. These codes allow you to track your inventory status and make sure that it is delivered at the right time. Each type of inventory has a unique code, so there is no chance of duplicates or missing stock.

Improved management of inventory at different locations. Without sophisticated software such as TallyPrime it’s almost impossible to track and manage inventory at different locations. You can fulfill all orders with a centralised system that tracks your stock levels across multiple locations.

Enhanced speed, accuracy and efficiency – The barcode system in Tally will help you increase the efficiency and speed of your inventory management. No need to manually record the inventory when items enter or leave your warehouse. The software will do all the work for you. You can then focus on the core aspects of your business.

Bottom Line

You can see that

TallyPrime can be used to manage your inventory effectively. Even small businesses can benefit from its automatic barcode generation process.

TallyPrime’s best feature is that it does not require a large investment, but offers excellent returns over many years. It is also a great choice for companies with a limited budget.

You can use the barcode feature of TallyPrime to automate your inventory management system

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