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How Useful is ERP integrated with Tally beneficial for Garments & Manufacturing Industry?

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Walking through the basic idea

Intending to meet challenges in the business environment, which is changing at a rapid pace, it is a vital requirement of the industry that there is communication between information systems. Real-time visibility of the transactions that take place across the entire organization happens. Also, the organization, as a whole, should be quite flexible in order to accommodate the structures of business which is continually changing. With the fast-paced growth of industries and organizations, a lot of information has to be shared across the restrictions and limits across firms. 

A good and efficiently functioning ERP system is supposed to decrease the cost of the inventory by a significant margin. This reduction happens due to effective planning and better ideas being introduced. A functional ERP mainly makes all the task and procedures easily understandable and derivable. All the tasks catch a smooth flow and become simple to represent. The primary services offered include tracking of inventory, production, revenue and order. We will further move forward to see how the working follows in garment module in Tally. Apart from that, we will be discussing other aspects while keeping into mind the manufacturing module in Tally as well.

The types

The ERP available are in many kinds and also these are available according to varying business needs. Mostly ERP software has many modules from various departments like stores, purchases related to sales and quality control. 

Moving to Tally, almost 90% of the businesses make use of Tally ERP. The major reason for this is that most of CA’s think Tally of being straightforward software. Owing to its features and applications, it stands out in the list of similar software that is already available. Traditional ERP software leads to maintaining duplicate data in a manual way. This results in an increase in working hours. 

So, considering the increasing daily problems, there has been an emergence of several new ERPs. One such example is Eazy ERP. It has not got a finance module of its own. Instead, it combines with the Tally of the business which has already been existing for long. Balance sheets are maintained using the results of this. This is done to see that all the other organizations save some time where maintenance of records is required. 

A look at the Tally integrated ERPs.

There are some advantages of going for Tally integrated ERPs rather than Traditional ERPs. Those are: 

Change management is reduced -ERPs where Tally is used by integrating it goes further to put into process a smooth and casual streamline flow into the organization. The workflow is implemented in an orderly manner without causing any disturbance to the operations in the department. Individual prevention happens in the case of processes which are related to finance. Instead, using a tally ERP allows one to focus all their attention entirely on other operations.

Integrating Tally– An ERP which can be said to be 100% legally combined is the Eazy ERP. It allows a smooth flow of information between ERP and Tally in a seamless manner. In such cases, there is absolutely no human intervention.

Efforts not getting duplicated– Tally integrated software comes with a range of benefits and comfort. This is especially favorable for the accounts department. It mainly saves the time of the various departments. This is basically the time which was getting wasted in the process of maintaining duplicate records. This happens because redundancy is reduced.

User license with almost no limits-Once again, taking the example of easy ERP, we see that since it has an open-source database, there is no limit to the terms and conditions that come with the licensing cost. One doesn’t need to worry about introducing any new users or customers as the business makes any progress.

Advantage of Tally

Eazy ERP also goes further to offer a wide range of modules. These consist of features and other additions which are generally not found in Tally. We can see this in the discussion about authorization. Authorization can be set according to rules which work in accordance with the designation, role and responsibilities of an individual. The process of setting this is quite simple in the Eazy ERP. This is done to carry out several tasks securely. The garment module in Tally and also the manufacturing module in Tally have also been considered in this discussion.

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