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Empowering MSMEs Through AI

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Can AI help MSMEs achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity? AI has been a part of the tech world for more than seven decades. But it is now grabbing the spotlight with unprecedented methods. What are the catalysts? The catalysts? These three pillars have reshaped the landscape of small and medium-sized businesses, opening the door to a revolution which promises to redefine the way businesses operate in the digital era.

Artificial intelligence and MSMEs

AI is a great tool for MSMEs as well as all other businesses. AI is used for many purposes by MSMEs: decoding trends in the market, improving business efficiency, sharpening decisions, managing costs, and automating processes. AI tools are not just tools, but transformative partners who help MSMEs shape the future of their businesses.

Tally AI can take MSMEs to a new level.

Tally integrates AI seamlessly into two powerful domains: automation, and analytics. We’ll explore the power of Tally AI, organized in these two buckets.

1. AI-driven automation: boosting operational productivity

AI-driven automation is revolutionizing productivity in the MSME sector. Tally is ready to step up with a range of functionalities.

2. AI-driven analytics: Illuminating Business Insights

AI-driven analytics is a powerful tool for MSMEs to make informed decisions.

In this blog we will explore the details of how to revolutionize the data entry for TallyPrime – a cornerstone of the accounting software world. We are focused on the future where manual data entry will be a thing of the past and replaced by an intelligent, seamless automation process. Our exploration is based on a revolutionary approach: the automation of invoice processing. Invoices, whether they are received electronically or in physical form, are vital to the financial transactions of businesses. This blog reveals the technological marvels which enable us to integrate these invoices seamlessly into TallyPrime.

The Challenge: Manual data entry hurdles

The traditional data entry process has long been a bottleneck in businesses. It consumes valuable time and resources which could have been better used for strategic decision making. We are excited to announce that we have pioneered the integration of automated data entry into accounting programs, bringing a new level of accuracy and productivity.

90 percent of all invoices are still stuck in the manual process, and 12.5% require a re-do because of errors. Imagine that the average cost of each invoice is 9 Euros. What are the culprits? The culprits? Manual mazes are time-consuming and inaccurate, creating a data revolution that is long overdue.

Tally automates data entry to solve challenges

Have you ever wondered how Tally manages to handle the data entry tangle so effortlessly? We’ll break it down in five magic moves.

Tally’s data entry automaton provides a seamless user workflow

This is a simple summary of the user’s journey through Tally’s data input automation process.


Our endeavor to revolutionize TallyPrime data entry has overcome challenges inherent in the on-premises nature of TallyPrime, while prioritizing robust privacy protocols. Our automated entry system is able to adapt to the diverse formats and structures of B2B bills, and ensure accuracy and reliability. The solution has been designed to be scalable, and caters to the requirements of TallyPrime’s global user base. This includes over 2 million businesses. In our quest to democratize the efficiency of business, we have struck a balance that allows us to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) while not imposing any financial restrictions. We anticipate that our reimagined process of data entry will have a tangible impact on the businesses. This will usher in a new age of efficiency for financial management.
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