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Creating Proforma Invoices in TallyPrime: A Guide for Businesses

Creating Proforma Invoices in TallyPrime
Creating Proforma Invoices in TallyPrime

In today’s business practices, it’s common to share a Proforma Invoice before issuing the official sales invoice. Proforma Invoices in TallyPrime provides the buyer with a clear overview of the deal, including details such as item description, quantity, rate, payment terms, mode of payment, and date of delivery. This allows the buyer to review the terms and make decisions on proceeding with the sale, requesting changes to the proposed invoice, or cancelling the deal if needed. The Proforma Invoice also helps the seller in making internal decisions based on the buyer’s responsibility.

Looking to create a proforma invoice in TallyPrime?
Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a straightforward process. In fact, a proforma invoice is simply a printout of an optional sales voucher that doesn’t impact your books of accounts. So, if you want to create a proforma invoice in TallyPrime.
All you need to do is follow these simple steps:-
1) Go to Gateway of Tally and navigate to Vouchers.
2) Press F8 for Sales Voucher to create a new sales voucher.
3) Enter all the relevant details for the transaction, such as the party ledger, item description, quantity, rate, total amount, date of delivery, payment terms, and mode of payment.
4) Press Ctrl+L to mark the voucher as ‘Optional’. This ensures that it does not impact your books of accounts and is only treated as a proforma invoice, Save the voucher.

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5) To view the created proforma invoice, press Page Up to navigate to the voucher list.
6) Press Ctrl+P to print the proforma invoice or Ctrl+E to export it in the required format.

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Using TallyPrime, the following is an example proforma invoice.

Proforma invoice vs. sales invoice differences

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