TallyPrime: Affordable Business Management.

Are you looking for a Business Management Software that is affordable? Tallyprime is available for as low as Rs. 750.

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Many small and medium businesses (SMEs) are faced with the challenge of managing their operations without going bankrupt.

Finding a solution with comprehensive features and a reasonable price can be like striking gold. Budgets are tight, expectations are high and budgets are limited. TallyPrime is your goldmine of business management software. All its features are available for as little as Rs 750/month.

This solution is not only cost-effective, but also functional. It’s the perfect choice for companies that want to optimize their operations and maintain fiscal responsibility.

What functionalities will you get if you choose TallyPrime for your business management software?


TallyPrime simplifies the eInvoicing process. It makes the creation of electronic invoices as easy as your current invoicing workflow. The integrated eInvoice solution allows for both bulk and single eInvoice generation. QR and IRN codes are printed directly on the invoices. TallyPrime is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Invoice Registration Portal, GSTN and the eway bill system. The eway bill is automatically generated when einvoices are created for the applicable invoices. It eliminates manual work, simplifying invoicing operations.

Inventory Management

Inventory management for SMEs can be a complex web. TallyPrime’s robust inventory management tools simplify this. TallyPrime provides valuable insights on the status of materials and jobs, regardless of whether your business has multiple storage locations or a diverse product range. The automated generation of reorder reports will keep you informed about what is needed to maintain your inventory.

Powerful and intuitive dashboards

TallyPrime’s robust reporting dashboard allows you to unlock the potential of your data. Use figures, graphs or a mixture of the two to visually present information about your business. Create multiple dashboards and control access to users. Share insights via WhatsApp or email.

Importing data from Excel

TallyPrime’s Excel import feature is designed to make the data migration process a breeze. With just a few mouse clicks, you can import your entire ledger and transaction information from Excel to TallyPrime without losing a single bit of data. You can save time and effort by avoiding manual data entry.

Return filing and GST compliance

TallyPrime simplifies the entire process for you, from GST filing to GSTR-2A/GSTR-2B reconciliation. TallyPrime can also be used by businesses that have chosen the composition scheme to manage compliance. Tally simplifies the process of recording Bill of Supply and generating GSTR-4/CMP-8 in the prescribed format.

Accounting and billing

In just seconds, you can create, print and email invoices with all the details you need. TallyPrime makes it easy to insert your company logo and customize the invoices to suit your needs. This ensures that your invoices are in perfect alignment with your brand.

Not only that. TallyPrime’s advanced functionality produces GST-compliant bills effortlessly. They include tax invoices as well as bills of supply and export invoices. All are tailored to meet regulatory requirements. Multiple billing formats are supported to suit your unique business needs. You can select the best invoice format for your business, whether it deals with services or products. This choice ensures accurate and fast billing.

Cash Management

Each invoice in TallyPrime is automatically assigned a unique reference number, which simplifies the tracking of outstanding amounts. Refer to the bill when paying or receiving payment. You can easily identify invoices that match and those that are still pending.

TallyPrime allows you to check your cash flow and see where your money is at the click of a button. This is a great way to keep track of your money, plan ahead and ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Conclusion – An investment in efficiency

TallyPrime is not only a powerful tool, but it’s also affordable. It’s an affordable price for all the benefits it can bring to your business. TallyPrime offers a cost-effective way to help your business thrive in the competitive world of today. TallyPrime is the cost-effective solution that will help you streamline your business without breaking the bank.

Tally has a variety of modules that you can select from, depending on your business size and requirements.

Silver Rental (Single user edition)INR 750/month (+18% GST)
Silver Perpetual (Single user edition)INR 22,500 (+18% GST)
Gold Rental (Unlimited multi-user edition)INR 2,250 (+18% GST)
Gold Perpetual (Unlimited multi-user edition)INR 67,500 (+18% GST)

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