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Advantages of Using Tally in Small Businesses

Tally ERP 9 is the most popular and used accounting software that has made calculations easier. In the present time, all kinds of businesses use Tally to save time and get accurate calculations that help them to make seamless transactions of the business. The software has replaced the time-consuming and tedious task of manual calculations in no time. Using the software has also reduced the chances of errors that mostly occurred in the manual count.

Every industry, irrespective of its size and niche, requires Tally software to automate different processes so that they can focus more on other relevant tasks that will assist them in staying ahead in the competition. There are lots of Advantages of tally ERP 9.

To survive and grow in today’s dynamic and competitive market, it is crucial that your business quickly adapts to the trends in the current technology and this can be done by using tools and software that manages your business and provide you better insights into it.

Usually, this is seen that small businesses often steps backward when its time to adopt new technology, but they need to understand that only by adopting new technology in their business processes they can grow and gain a competitive advantage. There are many advantages of Tally due to which almost all businesses are adapting it to automate their complex tasks.

Let us See How Adapting Tally into a Small Business Can Benefit it

  • Ensure seamless banking transactions: With Tally, you can easily generate cash & cheque deposit slips and manage all the cheques you collect & issue without any chances of errors that are normally involved in manual managing of bank transactions.
  • Security and reliability of data: You can bet on the reliability and security of data entered in Tally. It is near to impossible to tamper or alter data that is once entered in the software.
  • GST Ready: Tally is the answer to all your GST needs as it helps in creating new invoices for customers, sharing data with tax consultants, and filing the GST returns. With Tally, you can eliminate errors and keep your business updated with the latest business standards so that you can match the pace of the increasing competition.
  • Facilitates decision making: Tally act as the backbone of your business as it provides detailed analysis, estimates, and overview of your business at your fingertips that further helps you to make decisions that can boost the growth level of your business.
  • Effective Payroll Management: Salary distribution of employees involves several calculations to be made and consumes a lot of time. With Tally software at your end, you can efficiently maintain the financial record of your company and easily manage net payment, net deductions, bonuses, and taxes.
  • Tracking of information of multiple locations: The advanced feature of Tally ERP 9 allows you to synchronize all your relevant and useful data from all your business locations into a centralized place to deliver better insights that facilitates effective business decisions.
  • Saves cost: Small businesses work within the boundaries of their financial plan. With the exceptional advantages of Tally ERP 9, you can oversee costs and make sure that your plan does not exceed your financial limits.
  • Access to information from dispersed locations: Tally, being the finest accounting software provides the facility to update and review information from any place and at any time. Your employees can get financial information and data by signing to the company’s Tally account using a unique user ID and password.
  • Instant access to records: Tally organizes all your financial and other data in a systematic and organized order that helps you to get easy as well as fast access to any record. With the provided software, all the charging related documents can also be recovered instantly.
  • Act as an audit tool: Tally helps out in conducting regular audits of different companies. It ensures that all the monetary transactions made in a financial year were carried out smoothly or not.


Advanced features of Tally ERP 9 have helped small to large scale business to manage their tasks cost-effectively and in a time-saving manner. Tally, backed with state-of-the-art technology, facilitates the digitalization of bills and signatures that have made business transactions a task of seconds. With the aid of Tally ERP 9, even a small shop owner or small business owner can manage bills customers and daily financial transactions more effectively.

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