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Our corporate training program has been tailor-made for various objectives. It is just a matter of choosing the one that suits your needs. We promise it will be good for your accountant or sales and production staff.



The program aims to teach the necessary basic skills related to Tally to your employees. It leads to increased efficiency in accounting, management, and productivity. Employees learn about basic accounting, invoices, statutory compliances, etc.

The program can be made available to the Sales and Purchase staff for various tasks.Also, the administrator can be adequately trained to oversee the working of Tally, its pros and cons, its security factors. This will ensure the smooth working of the product.


  • Progress and convenience of each employee can be kept in mind with this.
  • This program actually includes abstract but powerful features like Remote Edit, Support Centre, etc.

It’s an old rule in businesses that training the employees leads to success in its ventures due to skilled and confident staff. This program runs on the same belief and has been beneficial to many.