Solutioning Capabilities
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Solutioning Capabilities

Solutioning Capabilities

The TDL language capabilities allow the TDL programmer to build complete solutions and deploy them with ease. Listed below are a few capabilities

• Rapid Report Design and development using various formats.
• Advanced Data Processing Capabilities using Collections. 
• Complex Report generation using Tally Database. 
• User defined additional storage fields within the Tally database.
• Customising Voucher Entry and printing in multiple formats
• Multiple Output Capability like email, print, display etc 
• Modifying existing default Reports to incorporate/ alter required fields 
• Modify the existing user entry screens as required
• Non-procedural language with procedural capability with User Defined Functions
• Remote Access Capability using Collections.
• Advanced Integration Capabilities of the Language

Using the capabilities listed above, we can achieve the following
• Invoice Printing, Payment Advice Printing, Voucher Printing, etc. in user desired 
  pre-preprinted or plain formats
• Various Columnar reports like Batch wise Item wise Reports, Item wise Party wise 
  Outward and Inward Movement Analysis 
• Various security related controls like Voucher Type wise Entry Control, control the 
  table of selection based on users like Sales persons can view only Debtors Ledgers, etc.
• Customisation of Synchronization i.e., One way sync, Masters Only, Voucher Type wise 
  Sync between various branches and HO
• Creation of multiple Approval Levels
• Labels and Bar Code Printing
• Auto creation of Masters/ Transactions as required

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