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Tally Data Synchronization

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Cevious Technology builds excellent real-time data accessibility for more than one location in an excelled way for business setups which have multiple units. Brilliant data synchronization with complete flexibility and compatibility comes through best functioning ERP software that operates and monitor on regular basis. As a standard setup, it has a major unit like with sub-units that are interlinked with each other from source to different locations. A Tally ERP software handles data synchronization through various sources.

Tally Data synchronization enables setup like head offices channelized with other multiple branches, Administration, warehouses, factory setup, account & sales depo, etc. The data varies according to the type of business and industry it is conferred to. So purposely the implementation of data synchronization varies accordingly. Where each unit works for a relevant section like account will monitor the transaction and paid amounts, sales amount, and other dues similarly sales will functionalize sales and orders, with keeping close intact on the status and outstanding dues. Here the complexities increase when the transaction and data is broadened with the national and international extensions cause of their different taxes and rules.

Cevious technology has excelled in installing Tally ERP that drives Data Synchronization in a mastered way without ant sheathings for more hundreds of organizational setups.

We do a brief study on the architectural type Centralized /Decentralized/hybrid organization and its relevant sectors before heading for installation and implementation for such a multi-location/branched organization. Sync Data on periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server.

Decentralized Setup

For an independent but multifunctional and multi-section organization that is a decentralized architecture, Tally Data Synchronization ensures frequent data exchange and data flow in the interlinked units of any organizational/ business setup.

Cevious Technologies initialize setups for server and client companies with maintaining post-implementation support to monitor the data integrity in a complex environment and required services in future as well. We are humble with clients and follow the feedbacks to improvise our services.

Cevious has designed a system for Masters Management avoiding duplication & hence errors in data integration during data sync.

We have an excellent Security & Controls are of prime importance at the time of Tally implementation at a remote location followed by maintenance of transaction log displaying its history of changes required for Auditing.

We focus & design a transaction workflow with Verification & Authorization processes as required. For example, a purchase order raised in the factory comes to Head office for verification & then moves back to Factory for sending it to the vendor.

Centralized Setup

Cevious Technologies highly recommends Tally Server 9 to be installed to maintain the good performance of the system. Where a strong Wi-Fi, leased line, MPLS or broadband is most prominently needed to channelize Data Synchronization. To enable fast, accessible Data Sync and a powerful Server at the center is an utmost need to manage the data flow.