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Supply Chain Visibility

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A general approach is the installation of an application at the distributors end to provide automation of the supply chain with the parent Company’s ERP via the internet.

Managers inform the distributor to enter the sales data (e.g., Information of the retailer who brought the product) by yourself. The data which the distributor has entered is then sent to the parent company’s ERP through this application

It is an easy task, but there is a problem as the majority of the distributors already use an accounting software system, the ever-present Tally, where they can manage their finances and also save their sales record. By informing the distributors to the data into the service provider’s application, managers were primarily telling them to copy work – without providing any profit to them. This type of application prepares the end-user to buy-in a create or break a deal.

Tally is widely used among the distributors, and currently, they provide a custom version of the tally, and the distributors used the appropriate version which suits their and parent company requirements. When the data is entered into Tally that data is also sent to the parent Company’s ERP system once an internet connection is available. The End user can use Tally even the update is in progress without interruption as the process is transparent to the end user. The end user does not need to resend the data, so they need to put an extra effort to make the system work efficiently. In fact, this system provides various features to the distributors by showing them their existing credit limit with the parent company and also the credit limits of multiple retailers that have with them.

The business requirement is to keep track of the product movement through its Supply chain is currently a reality. However, it required somebody who finds out some clever ways of working efficiently while facing real-time problems. It’d be you who initiate the innovation and surpass the problem by finding a way to solve the problem.

Favorable circumstances to the Parent Company

  • Common SKUs are provided by parent organization to all merchants distributors/dealers/resellers
  • A consistent stream of data (Secondary/Tertiary) from distributors/dealer/reseller is transferred to the centralized ERP system that helps in last mile connectivity
  • Ongoing data of Sales and Stock at wholesalers’ site encourages the executives to take convenient choice and to safeguard ROI of the merchants
  • Renewal of Stock at wholesalers’ site
  • Control on Schemes and Discounts Handling over the wholesaler system
  • Cases Management
  • Mechanization in Purchase Order Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Plans and Discounts Handling