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Simple, Error-Free and Parameterized Creation of the Available Product

The available product that contains more than one parameter can have multiple errors while creating the entry of the product. While entering the name of the product, a new window appears for the entry of each parameter that belongs to the respective product in a sequenced manner. When all the parameters of a particular product are stored, the name of the product is created.

Eg. parameters :

Stock Type = Ribbon

MM = 3

Mtr = 20

Color = Blue

Item Name = Combination of above ( i.e Stock Type + MM + Mtr + Blue)

Item Name created is “Ribbon 3 mm X 20 Mtr Blue”

Possible Enhancements

Multiple improvements are possible for MIS Reporting and printing of Invoice of Available product. For instance, we have three Available Product namely A, B&C, and the user wants to print only two among them within the invoice.