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Print Engine

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In the current architecture, the printing related logic is built and executed within the document. Generic changes related to printing logic / printing to output device would get applied for all documents.

Introducing the Shoper 9 Print Engine

Using Print Engine, the printing related logic and business logic are separated and are now based on the configuration and can be used to execute an output. Print engine gives the flexibility to customise business logic according to ones' need, and also allows users to configure printing instructions through print engine.


• Transaction-wise and/or document wise configuration settings 
• Option to override default settings 
• Calling multiple printing jobs using different settings 
• On-the-fly printer selection / print to default printer / print to a specific printer 
• Customise printing using TDL (Tally Developer Language) 
• Support different types of printer modes (USB port, parallel, com...) 
• Multiple printing type options can be configured like wins pool, dos printing, print document,  
   convert DOS/Text Printing to GUI Printing, etc

Advantages of Tally Print Technology

• Enable partners to customise/create print formats of their own 
• Customise using VB, TDL
• Get precisely what you need customised...and NOT a generalized solution

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