Now Shoper 9 can be customised!
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Now Shoper 9 can be customised!

Now Shoper 9 can be customised!

Whatever the type of business, this powerful feature gives both customers and partners the opportunity to tune the software to specific needs. Using the Extension Framework in Shoper 9, customer requirements can be easily met by partners to fulfill the additional needs in the standard product. Extension Framework - soon available in Shoper 9 POS-will ease implementation as well as the interfacing of customised add-ons (extensions) in various transactions of the base product. This will be feasible without modifying the base product or disturbing the equilibrium. 

Extension Framework provides a platform where new UI elements can be captured and this custom information can be saved along with the standard data in various transactions.

Capabilities of the Extension Framework include:

• Capturing of additional data and saving this data along with the standard transaction
• Extensions configurable to suit business requirements (business validations, check whether 
  proper data is captured, etc) 
• More than one extension configured at the header/detail/footer levels (at the document level
  OR at the individual line items level) 
• Implementation of business validations and forced curbing of the standard program when 
  specific criteria are not met 


• New basic business requirements can be customised easily, therefore no dependency/waiting
  time for the same to be incorporated in product release
• Speed, convenience
• Quick reaction to business needs...and avoidance of losses
• Get precisely what you need...and NOT a generalised solution

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