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Series A

Increased sharpness and efficiency

Little things in Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.2 enable you to do much more...and impact your business positively. A Bank allocation feature that eases transactions and processing. Or the feature that lets you settle your pending bills from the outstandings report. Others that let you close your dangling accounts, or boost your business' image by adding your company logo to invoices. With so much more available in this remarkable release, Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.2 is your business opportunity waiting

Bring the outside world in

Whether it's the additional width of functionality or the stirring heights of capability, Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.2 is all about expansion. The amazing Release 3.2 allows you to run more critical business processes inside your software instead of relying on external ones. Features including Income Tax for salaries, job work for outsourced manufacturing and pre closure of orders are just some of the magic it will bring your business. Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.2 takes the innovative route to simplify things for you.

Auditors and Marketplace: something for everyone

The enhanced Tally.ERP 9 Auditors' Edition Release 3.2 is again innovative and fresh! Auditors can now plan their pre-audit work in the product itself via the Audit Programme, enhance security by assigning a Company to an article clerk, and even handle Form 3CA and 3CB for 44AB Audit. A powerful Repeated Values Transactions report saves time spent hunting for specific vouchers, while the relative size factor analysis triggers further investigation to correct mistakes.

From a customised report to a new feature specific to your business, the exciting Tally Marketplace opens up a whole world of 'instant' customisation. It lets you search, evaluate and buy readymade add-ons from within Tally.ERP 9 itself, shortening the process of getting your business up and running with solutions designed for businesses similar to yours. Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.2 has something for you... don't miss it!

Release Highlights

Rupee Symbol

India's new currency symbol brings it into an exclusive international club of 8 countries with their unique symbols. Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 3.2 allows you to use the new symbol for your business, integrating it with all documents. Go ahead...being proud of being Indian is the Tally way too.







• Professional look on documents
• Ease of dealing with multiple currencies
• Quick recognition of Currency

Image Printing

Print logos on your business invoices and reports with the Image Printing facility in Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 3.2. Print images stored in BMP or JPEG formats. It is completely simple and can add finesse to any outgoing documents.







• Easy identification
• Different logos for different companies
• Professional look
• Saves printing costs


• Search from hundreds of ready built add-ons
• Very affordable and simple pricing policies
• Evaluate (for a limited period)
• Buy (Tally Currency or Credit Card) or take on monthly subscription
• Upgrade add-ons from Silver to Gold
• Pay annual subscription or upgrade fees to get the latest updates and upgrades
• Migrate add-on licenses within your branches (if part of one Account)


Whatever the business, it is invariably linked with its Bank or Banks on a day-to-day basis. Often, transactions could run into thousands per month for even a small business. Business managers get a real boost from this new functionality built into Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.2. In fact, it's so powerful and all-encompassing that Banking is assigned its own New Section within the product.

Just what every business needs, the Bank allocation feature brings everyday bank- related chores right to your fingertips and eases transactions and processing.


Multiple instrument and Mode of Transaction details in single voucher
The new Banking feature allows you to record and monitor multiple transactions in a single voucher. Also, while the old system only captured the dates of transactions, this feature allows the monitoring of transactions by Amount, Date, Instrument Number or modes (like NEFT, Cheque, DD, etc.), thereby conveying a more complete picture. The ability to identify payment modes in the system and separate dates for each instrument eases bank reconciliation.

Instrument-wise reconciliation
Reconciliation can be done for each instrument rather than the entire voucher. The instrument details (number, date, etc.) are displayed for easier reconciliation.

In case of unseen transactions such as Bank charges, interest paid etc., these can be captured in a new voucher without discarding the BRS (Bank Reconciliation Statement) in progress. Further, existing vouchers can be altered in case of any discrepancy found during reconciliation.

Opening BRS
The new Banking feature allows the manual recording or automatic carrying forward of the un-reconciled bank transactions from the current year to the subsequent year (as Opening BRS). These can then be reconciled in the subsequent year.

Cheque printing configuration with Preview
Enhanced cheque printing configuration with print preview to reduce wastage. Further it has been simplified to copy measurements from previous configurations.

Multiple cheque printing/capture
A separate "Cheque Printing" report (in the Banking section) has been introduced to enable multiple cheque printing with ease. Also, know if a cheque has been printed or not by a simple Yes or No against each cheque.

Also, since it is sometimes not possible to know which Amount/Favouring Name is going to be printed on which cheque leaf, cheque details can also be recorded after printing.

Payment advice printing
A system-generated payment advice (covering letter for payments) can be printed for a single or multiple vouchers.

Deposit slips printing
Deposit slips can be printed for a single or multiple cheques, further simplifying Banking transactions.


• Saves time
• Reduces errors
• Simplifies banking
• Improves productivity
• Improves traceability

Tally Marketplace

There are times when you wish that Tally.ERP 9 had a specific report, a different invoice format or a new feature, specific to your business. What options do you have? Till today, the only option was for you to contact our development partners (Tally Integrators) and get built the specific customisations you need.

Now, our Tally Integrator partners have made life so much easier for you - they have opened up most of these custom reports, features, controls and more for immediate purchase on the Tally Marketplace. You can search, evaluate and buy these add-ons from within Tally.ERP 9 itself!


• Search from hundreds of ready built add-ons
• Very affordable and simple pricing policies
• Evaluate (for a limited period)
• Buy (Tally Currency or Credit Card) or take on monthly subscription
• Upgrade add-ons from Silver to Gold
• Pay annual subscription or upgrade fees to get the latest updates and upgrades
• Migrate add-on licenses within your branches (if part of one Account)

Bill Settlement from Outstanding

If finding outstanding was difficult enough, then making payments exactly when they came due, balancing payments between vendors and one's balance in the Bank without jeopardising cash flow complicated matters. In Tally.ERP 9, Bill Settlement from Outstandings report simplifies things. It lets you select multiple pending bills for a party from the Ledger outstanding report, and close the bills with a single click.Once the voucher is accepted, the nett outstanding amount gets prefilled in the payment or receipt voucher.


• Settle multiple bills directly from outstanding reports
• Save time and reduce errors
• Make quick decisions on payments

Pre-Closure of Orders

The problem of variation in ordered quantity is common enough. There are chances of deliveries being less than the quantity ordered due to various reasons. Sometimes, a changing business situation could cause the purchase manager to want to stop delivery of further items after receiving part of the order. Pre closure of Orders has been provided in Tally.ERP 9 to close pending orders for perfect MIS reports.

With this feature, pending orders that could exist in the system from time to time, and order cancellation, are no longer issues. With Pre Closure of Orders there's no need to make additional entries to close orders and no necessity of amending existing orders.

For example, if a sales order is made for 100 items and the sales invoice is raised against it with agreed staggered delivery. The first batch of 50 items is delivered, followed by a second of 25. At this stage the buyer decides that he needs only 75 of these items instead of the original quantity of 100. Previously, the seller could not close this deal and the sales order would always be listed under 'Pending Sales Orders'. Pre Closure of Orders allows this particular sales order to be manually closed from the list of 'Pending Sales Orders' or from the Voucher, while showing the actual delivery and sale.

Advantages of Pre Closure of Orders include:

• Accurate Pending Order summaries
• Improved system performance as it does not have to calculate outstandings every time it is started up
• Closure of orders possible either from the Voucher or from Reports
• No Order adjustments
• Easier management of material
• Reduced labour and unnecessary handling
• Prevents losses from dead stock
• Easy to use
• Flexible

Receipts & Payments Report

For non-profit organisations and NGOs that typically rely on information related to income and expenses, the Receipts and Payments report in Tally.ERP 9 proves ideal. This summary of cash flow for a period includes Cash at Bank & Bank OD. It begins with the opening cash-in-hand at the commencement and ends with the closing cash-in-hand, so non-trading institutions can track their funds and monitor disbursement.

Unlike a cash flow report that does not consider the opening balance of cash, the receipts and payments report includes the cash opening balance.


• Useful for non-trading institutions/non-profit organisations
• Shows exact cash and bank position for a particular period
• Improves management of cash
• Helps control expenditure
• Provides a single view of receipts and payments for cash payments

Job Work In/Out

The Job Work feature supports operations for the business that outsources a 'job' as well as businesses such as ancillary units that accept such orders. The functionality helps solve issues related to inventory tracking and profit assessment, for seamless operations. What raw materials need to be shipped to the job worker? How many finished goods are expected and when? How much raw material is lying in the job worker's factory? How to manage multiple job workers...

 Item Cost Tracking

Item Cost Tracking refers to accumulation of costs and revenue for a particular quantity of a Stock Item across various transactions. The track can be created with any transaction and then referred subsequently in any transaction without needing the disciple of any master or configuration. Thus allowing to analyze the running cost and profitability of the item being tracked through manufacturing, sales, purchase and so on. The Item Cost and Profit Tracking feature helps you effectively track and ascertain the Procurement cost, Landing costs, Manufacturing or Production cost, Order cost/profit, Job cost/profit. This feature is also useful in determining Sale price of finished goods based on the costs incurred till date and the overall profitability.

In addition, Job Work in Tally.ERP 9 allows:

• Multiple order tracking
• MI (Material In) matched against Work Orders and not Item Masters
• Value tracking including advance payments
• Item tracking and Accounting legs of each transaction
• Billing of own material utilised for Job Order undertaken
• Tracking of billable item status (material utilised for a Job Order and their billing status)
• Position of finished goods hence realiseable money value

Tally.ERP 9 Job Work feature allows Inventory tracking against Bill of Materials and allows transaction Bill of Materials instead of changing it at Item Masters level. It adjusts for external godown conditions when items sit in a job worker's factory, providing insights to the stocks held by the business at a particular time. Similarly, material received from the principal to the job worker can be classified in an Internal Job Work Godown which will not be available for trading therefore giving clear distinction of self-owned goods and the ones supplied by client. In a situation where advance payments have been made, the Work Order-wise reports provide a profit/loss dimension showing how much expense is booked. Inventory movement as well as profits can be ascertained on these transactions by allocating expenses such as travel of executives, shipping, insurance, salary and other overheads related to the Work Order.


• Real time insight into materials movement and tracking
• Accurate job costing
• Suitable for different complexities... small job worker to larger operations
• Supports accounting allocation (expenses/income)
• Improved productivity and profitability
• Auto fill of raw materials for execution
• Good for just in time inventory
• Enhanced logistics management and efficiencies

Income Tax for Salaries

Tally.ERP.9 brings businesses a complete Personal Income Tax calculation. This simple to configure and run programme handles Tax calculation on the basis of Payroll/ Expenses Voucher entered and declarations made by the employee.

This exciting feature makes it possible to generate the income tax computation sheet and IT Returns and mail it to employees, In addition, it will provide quarterly and yearly returns. With the Income Tax feature, calculating tax and submitting returns are made easy for both the organisation as well as the employee.

Highlights of the Income Tax feature include:

• Simple to configure
• Predefined Rules set by Income Tax Dept. will be updated  as and when rules are changed
• Offers a manual override
• Hides complexity
• IT Returns come filled
• Provides Forms 16, 16AA, 12BA plus quarterly 24Q and yearly 24 in hard copy plus ‘e’ formats


• Accuracy
• Speed
• Reduced paperwork
• Reduced manual entries hence less errors and better productivity
• All returns handled from computation to returns

Tally in Arabic

The world's first concurrent multi-lingual business accounting & inventory management software now available in Arabic.

Tally.ERP 9 is compatible with languages that follow the right to left script. On selecting Arabic as the Display language Tally.ERP 9 will switch over to the right to left script retaining all the existing functionalities / reports intact. This feature immensely benefits users from the states/countries using Arabic as the official language.

For business owners and managers, this means they can now create or alter masters, transactions and view reports… in their native language!! This is a big advantage when operators might prefer to use Arabic as they are not conversant with English, while principals and official bodies such as Banks might require documents to be submitted in English.

While Tally.ERP 9 can now handle Arabic, it still comes with all the advantages of Tally.ERP 9 like Remote login and Edit, Recruitment...

Benefits include:

• No restarting the computer
• Bi-directional support (ledger name in combination of 2 languages)
• Manage business in your native language
• Simple Layout change facilitates you to work with Tally.ERP 9 in Arabic
• Bi-directional Language Support - Ledger/Group/Item name have a combination of Arabic/English
• Flexibility to maintain business information in English, view and print reports in Arabic or vice versa

Cash Flow Projection Statement

Imagine running a business and not being sure how much cash is owed and when one needs to make payments. Imagine never being able to predict what one's cash situation is going to be like 3 months ahead, or even 6 months down the road. The Cash Flow Projection statement in Tally.ERP 9 will end all the uncertainty with day-to-day cash position and long term forecasting!! This powerful tool helps businesses manage cash flow and understand the future impact of transactions, thereby controlling the health and ultimate success of the business.

With Cash Flow statement at work, the owners and managers of the business find it easier to take decisions on Bank loans, negotiate credit limits, plan for capital investments and much more. Using Cash Flow statements is one simple method of ensuring the financial health of the business.

Highlights of the Cash Flow statement include:

• Ageing of payments
• Ageing of receipts
• Cash balance
• Committed payments
• Day-wise cash position
• Exception reports
• Interest calculation on over-dues


• Predicting cash flow
• Financial planning/forecasting
• Financial health of business
• Show cash position to Financial Institutions
• Capital investment requirements/judgement
• Setting credit limits for parties
• Bank loans
• Optimising cost of finance

Multiple Addresses for Company and Ledger Masters

 For any type of transaction-whether a sale or a purchase – clerks often had difficulty managing the documentation. If the sale took place from Head Office, communications were often required to be directed to another office, while shipping happened from a third location such as a warehouse. Since these steps called for different addresses to be entered in the Invoice and other documents EACH TIME, it complicated matters for staff and delayed the process. Further, Statutory filing purposes often called for a different address.

With the powerful facility in Tally.ERP 9, users can generate as many Labels as required, and do so as per their business' nomenclature. This facility allows them to choose Labels like 'Godown' or 'Warehouse' or 'Branch (South)' apart from Head Office, Corporate Office etc., with corresponding details for each. Then, the user simply selects the appropriate Label from the list and the full address gets inserted in the Invoice. Multiple Addresses facility is extremely useful when Companies have multiple offices.

 Benefits of the Multiple Address facility:

• Enhances flexibility
• Reduces errors since selection is made from a list
• Increases comfort and ease of use
• Convenient


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